Aussie Fisherman Gets A Face Full Of Ink While Reeling In Squid

A person in a boat wearing goggles

The money shot.

For those of y’all who need to relearn an elementary school marine biology lesson, let me give you a refresher.

Squids use ink as their way of protection against predators. Whenever they feel threatened, they release a thick ink out of their body, and it creates a dark cloud in the water, blocking their predator’s view, so they’re able to successfully escape and live to see another day.

And in pasta, it’s not half bad either, but I digress…

Although I completely respect squids for making this move, as the majority of them are relatively harmless and they have to survive somehow, there’s no way in hell that I would ever want to be in a situation where one of these creatures feels the need to ink me.

However, for this Australian fisherman, he got the full facial.

He was ecstatic about reeling in a pretty good sized squid of the coast of St Kilda, near Adelaide, the mood changed real quick, when the squid decided to blow its load… of ink.

All over the fisherman, including his face.

You can see the cheer on his face turn to gloom in about .2 seconds, as his buddy proceeds to sit back and laugh his ass off the whole time.

Now I’m no expert on these situations, but something tells me that shirt is now ruined, and it’s probably gonna take a hot minute before he can completely clean the ink from his body.

Tough luck my guy.

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A beer bottle on a dock