Luke Combs Passes On The Most Common Baby Advice He Got From Friends… A Night Nurse: “I Think It Would Be Super Selfish”

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Luke Combs

Luke Combs and his wife, Nicole, welcomed a baby boy named Tex Lawrence Combs on Father’s Day.

And I can only imagine that in the months leading up to that day, and in the weeks since bringing little Tex home, they’ve been inundated with advice from everybody and their mother (literally).

Luke recently told ABC that the number one piece of advice he’s received from some of his friends is that he should hire a night nurse (basically a nanny who takes care of the baby at night so the parents can sleep).

If you’re not familiar, they are quite costly and generally regarded as something only wealthy people can afford. We’re talking easily over a $1,000 dollars per week.

And I’ve definitely heard of tons of different celebrities doing this, and in a way I guess it would be nice, but Luke says he’d never heard of a night nurse before and that he and Nicole plan to do it on their own the good old fashioned way:

“The number-one thing I’ve heard is… gosh, what do they call it, a night nurse? That’s a thing I’ve heard about.

That’s a thing that I’ve heard about, which I was just completely unaware of that existing. You know, I think we’re gonna give it a run for a while and just kind of do it on our own.”

Even though most average people wouldn’t give waking up in the middle of the night to care of their baby a second thought, megastars like Luke have all sorts of options when it comes to nannies and night nurses, so it’s cool to hear that they plan to really be present and involved as parents.

Luke has even blocked off his calendar from touring and events (aside from a few festival appearances here and there) for several months so he can be at home and help Nicole.

He also added that he feels like, since they brought the child into the world, they should be the ones to be taking care of him in all aspects of his little life right now:

“This child didn’t have a choice to be born. You know, it was our choice to bring him into the world.

So I think it would be super selfish of me to go, ‘Oh, now I don’t have time to do this thing.’ And I think trying to do that on our own is something that we’re looking forward to.”

Though he did joke that, after a few weeks of not sleeping, he might have a bit of a different perspective…

“Maybe a month of no sleep will change my outlook on that. Who knows.”

So far, it sounds like they’re doing a great job figuring out how to be parents, and both Momma and baby came home from the hospital happy and healthy a couple weeks ago:

Luke and Nicole have already said they plan to keep everything with Tex pretty private, and understandably so, but Nicole has posted a few photos of their sweet little guy over on Instagram.

And while she admitted in the caption that she isn’t sleeping much with a newborn baby at home, she looks incredible to have just had a baby and little Tex is just precious:

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