Kid Mortifies His Mom With “Crotch Grab” In The Middle Of Church Musical Performance

A group of children on a stage

If you grew up in the southeast, or in church in general, there was probably a good chance you went to “Vacation Bible School” at least once in your childhood days.

You know, you went to your local church for a few hours for a whole week even though you didn’t want to, and had to make arts and crafts, go to a bible study, and sing songs with some of the most awkward hand motions ever, all so your mom could have the house to herself for a few hours.

My mom still has a video of me giving my friend a “wet willie” in the middle of our “final performance” at our local Vacation Bible School when I was about eight-years-old, and there’s about three kids on stage who were actually doing the motions to the song, and that video about sums up VBS to a tee.

With that being said, my eight-year-old self can totally relate to this kid in this video, except he pulled off one of the most hilarious stunts I’ve ever seen.

In the eight second clip, you see what appears to be a mom filming her son singing a song at either a church children’s performance, or Vacation Bible School.

Next thing you know, he stares right into the camera, and gives the good ol’ fashioned “crotch grab”…

Sure enough, the mom filming gives a stern “STOP,” as she turns the camera away in horror.

Was he channeling his inner Michael Jackson? His inner Baker Mayfield? I gotta know…

I would’ve killed to have been sitting in one of those pews, and see the congregation’s reaction to the legendary move.

Were they laughing? Were they in shock? Were they about to excommunicate the child and his family from the church forever?

Regardless, I would’ve been laughing my butt off…

I see a future Baker Mayfield in the making here:

Litte Girl Spends Most Of Nativity Play Flipping Off The Audience

Oh, the innocence of children.

According to the New York Post, five-year-old Ella, of Essex, England spent the a large majority of her school Christmas playing flipping of the audience, even throwing Kid Rock-esque double birds at one point.

Although according to mom, Ella is the angel that she appears to be. She wasn’t flipping off the audience at all. In fact, she doesn’t even know what that means. She was trying to show her mom a painful hangnail that was bothering her.

“The performance was about half-an-hour long, and I would say 70 percent of it she had her middle finger up. I was thinking, ‘Oh God, Ella please stop.’ Because she was doing it so innocently, I think most people were thinking, ‘Oh, bless her.’ ”

And while mom tried to get her to stop, she wasn’t having it.

“It was so funny because she didn’t realize what she was doing. I had to keep mouthing ‘Put your finger down,’ discreetly, but then I just accepted that she was going to be standing there with her finger up.”

A likely story mom… we all know where she learned that one.

Then again, that’s exactly how I felt when my parents made me do the church Christmas play…


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