Video Captures Incredibly Resilient 3-Legged Deer Living Life In Maine

Wildlife never ceases to amaze how resilient they are.

Living through crazy harsh conditions, always looking for their next meal, and there is always something that is trying to kill them, be it humans are another animal higher up on the food chain.

Their ability to withstand these conditions is amazing.

I’ve seen a few 3-legged animals, you always feel bad for them, but it is also incredibly amazing how they heal up and just continue to survive and figure it out.

I mean, remember that zombie buck in Illinois walking around with half its back missing? It was brutal and it surely died afterwards, but just the fact that it was walking around was mind blowing.

The video on ViralHog is no different. It might not be as gruesome, but it’s pretty amazing to see a 3-legged deer just livin’ life.

The video starts zooming in on a few deer. Everything looks normal until you notice one of them with a limp going on and realize she’s missing a leg.

Everything looks healed up and she seems healthy, making it through the bulk of winter even.

That’s a tough animal right there, just one of the herd still despite being done one whole leg. The only difference is a minor limp in her step.


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A beer bottle on a dock