Family Strings: Billy Strings & His Father Tear It Up in Traverse City

Thank GOD this video popped up on my YouTube queue.

Nothing will tug at my heartstrings more than a musician performing with their parent.

Billy Strings and his father, Terry Barber, sat down for a show at City Opera House in Traverse City, MI, in 2020. Although Barber is not Strings’ biological father, he raised him as his own.

This duo left me speechless.

You can sense a feeling of comfort from the duo as they perform in their backyard. Michigan-born- Strings is right at home with this Traverse City crowd. The two share stories of Strings’ childhood and the music he played growing up.

Billy Strings is a master of his own, but he clearly had a great teacher growing up. Terry Barber is a phenomenal guitar player and vocalist himself. So imagine the powerhouse of the two combined.

They feed off of each other in the best ways possible.

Put the musical genius of this set aside, it is so sweet to see Strings let his dad have a shining moment, and on the flip, it is so apparent Barber is having a major proud dad moment. The whole dynamic is addicting to watch.

This two hour long video is bluegrass heaven from start to finish.

You NEED this in your life.

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