Big Country Boy Puts Some Poor Soul Through A Window In Crazy Syracuse Bar Fight

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Just a couple of big ol’ boys brawling in the streets.

To be honest, I don’t miss a single thing about my wilder days.

You know, those early twenty-something years when a few shots of Jack Daniel’s would give you enough courage to stand outside of the local watering hole and throw hands with some guy over… what was it over again? Oh, that’s right… you don’t even know.

You can keep it…

BUT, that don’t mean I still don’t love me a good old fashioned bar fight.

You see, these lads up in Syracuse, New York, had the decency to at least take it outside so they didn’t tear up the inside of Mulrooney’s pub in Armory Square on Saturday night.

Well, until they took it back inside…

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According to, the fight started inside the bar and the bouncers separated the two men and sent them packing out two different doors, one in front and another in the back of the bar.

But of course, they found each other outside, and next you thing you know, somebody is getting thrown through a glass window… TWICE.

And here’s what I do know… if you’re wearing shorts, boat shoes, and a golf polo, AKA dressed like my grandpa for Sunday brunch, you have NO business fighting a big corn fed dude wearing jeans and cowboy boots in the middle of July.

Sure, you might not get thrown through a glass window every time, but you’re losing that fight 10 times out of 10. He was in over his head from the second he looked at Big Country the wrong way.

As far as the aftermath, police have made no arrests since big hoss fled the scene, but they’re still looking for him.

And the owner? He just wants someone to pay for it:

“Just craziness… this is definitely the first time in 30 years someone’s been tossed through a window here.” 

And the guy that took the ride through the window? He had a few cuts here and there, a took a good hard right to the face, but was pretty much fine.


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