Charles Barkley Weighs In On Aaron Rodgers’ New Tattoo, Man Bun: “A Man Bun Is Not A Thing… You’re Too Cheap To Cut Your Hair”

Aaron Rodgers, Charles Barkley are posing for a picture
Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Charles Barkley is calling it now… Aaron Rodgers will be the MVP this season.

Chuck is out in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, for the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament with the likes of Aaron Rodgers, Steph Curry, Miles Teller, Jake Owen and more.

Yesterday, he sat down with NFL Total Access to talk about the tournament, the upcoming NFL season, Tom Brady, and his buddy Aaron Rodgers.

And while he did say he thought he would have an MVP season this year, he also said that the man bun has got to go:

“A man bun is not a thing. Just because you’re too cheap to cut your hair, you can’t make it a style.

I told him I can take him down to Fantastic Sam’s or one of those places, but a man bun is not a thing.

And when asked about Rodgers’ new “Illuminati tattoo,” Chuck said Rodgers would be better off downing a few prunes:

“I don’t believe in all that craziness, he said he ‘went away’ and got all this stuff in his body moving around… hey, my grandmother is the greatest person to ever live, she said ‘always eat a bunch of prunes every two or three weeks.'”

They’re a lot cheaper than going to these exotics hideaways and things like that.”

You hear that Aaron? All those essential oils and the barefoot trips into the jungle searching for spiritual awakening, when you need is a few prunes each week.

Chuck always keeping it real… gotta love it.

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