Morgan Wallen Invites New Hampshire Man Arrested Wearing Mugshot T-Shirt To A Show In New York

Morgan Wallen country music

I love it when things come full circle…

Last week, we shared a story about a New Hampshire man named Zachary Horne, who had been arrested wearing a t-shirt with Morgan Wallen’s mug shot, which was taken the night Morgan was arrested after getting a little too rowdy at Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock N’ Roll Steakhouse on Broadway in Nashville.

According to the Smoking Gun, 20-year-old Horne was arrested for underage possession of alcohol and booked into the Belknap County jail in Laconia, New Hampshire.

Morgan himself shared the mugshot on Instagram saying:

“We’ve all been there bub… wish I saw this sooner, I woulda bailed him out.”

Well as it turns out, even though Morgan wasn’t the one to bail Zachary out, he did have his team reach out and invite Zach to a show in Saratoga Springs, New York last night, and shared a post from Zach and JJ (a member of his team) on his Instagram stories:

Morgan Wallen country music


Zach’s original post included a caption thanking Morgan and his team for helping pick him back up from a very low moment, in addition to giving him such an incredible concert experience seeing Morgan live:

“Down and out a few weeks back but had Morgan & his team to lift me up last night with a kick ass concert and experience.

Learn from your mistakes and surround yourself with people who support you! Thanks for everything team Morgan.”

And of course, they both sported t-shirts wearing each other’s mugshots. I mean, did you really expect anything less? Kind of iconic (and extremely meta), if we’re being honest…

Here’s Zach’s full post on Instagram:

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A beer bottle on a dock