Elk Hunt Turns Into A Wolf Hunt Fast After Whole Pack Moves In

Change of plans…

It’s a pretty rare occurrence to be targeting one animal, call it in, and then have another ruin the party that quickly.

But these predators hear everything that’s going on around them too. When you’re a pack animal like wolves, hearing an elk bugle might just be a dinner bell if the troops are ready for action.

A wolf can eat 10-pounds of meat in a day and when you have a whole pack working together, that adds up fast.

These hunters were out for an elk hunt when they called in a couple of bulls. They were checking each other out when all of the sudden the elk made for higher ground. The hunters were kind of confused about what they did wrong until the wolves started coming out.

A whole pack comes out and stares down directly at the hunters. The hunters weren’t fooling them at all…

When the realize what’s going on the hunter hits the ground and gets ready to switch gears since his elk hunt was ruined. Payback time.

The wolves aren’t stupid though. They quickly all run off the road and the opportunity closes. The hunter starts to move up the road hoping to come across one of them.

One walks back out and makes the mistake of stopping to have a look. Bam.

Done one… the wolf drops in its tracks.

At least the hunt wasn’t completely unsuccessful…

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