We Need Riley Green To Drop “Alabama vs. Tennessee” Before College Football Season Kicks Off

Riley Green country music

One of my favorite things about Riley Green that tends to go unacknowledged is his subtle ability to state opinions through lyric ingenuity without creating “much of a fuss,” as my mama likes to say.

Green leaves hints and messages throughout his work in simple bridge lines and verse conclusions and manages to state his thoughts (and oftentimes the thoughts of the masses) without either shying away or headlining the issues overtly.

When it comes to finesse, Riley Green walks the gray line efficiently. To me, this subtleness is the je ne sais quoi of the Riley Green sound, and his new unreleased song is no exception to the rule.

Much like his 2021 release, “That’s My Dixie,” where Green contrasts the South of his youth to the South portrayed in today’s news reports, the new unreleased song named “Alabama v. Tennessee” manages to draw attention to the divisiveness in the country by indirectly comparing it to the popular football rivalry between SEC Teams the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Tennessee Volunteers.

Green has tried out the song with live audiences a few times throughout the year, the first time opening with the statement, “we got so much in common, we all appreciate the same things and we are proud of where we’re from.”

He went on to say that the song to him was about being from the South and what it’s truly all about.

In a clearer video captured by a fan and released online this week, Green sings the following lyrics:

“Think this world could learn a thing or two,
From good ole boys like me and you,
I’m proud to be from Jacksonsville,
Y’all are probably proud to be from close to around Knoxville,
We’re out here in the same bar now,
Maybe different sides but we’re setting up rounds,
‘Cause man, it ain’t you going up against me,
It’s just Alabama versus Tennessee.”

In June, Riley Green released two singles—”Miles on Main” and “Wild Woman.”

Here’s to hoping that this year’s CFB kickoff finds us with another Green anthem to blare throughout college football stadiums.

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