Watch Barefoot John Daly Just Casually Rippin’ Drives Across A Busy Highway In Ohio

John daly golf

John Daly.

Some say the PGA Tour legend is less than a god, but more than a man.

There isn’t one word that can describe the guy. We’re talking about a two-time golf major champion, a Hooter’s legend, a man who could pound 35-40 beers a day (And STILL drink liquor afterwards), a belly flop champion, and so much more.

Every time the guy resurfaces, his legendary status multiplies by 100, and this example is no different.

Daly has gone viral yet again, and the reason?

He was smashing drives over a major highway and onto a high school football field in Akron, Ohio, all while barefoot and reppin’ an Arkansas Razorbacks shirt.

Could a rogue golf ball possibly hit a car and cause a massive pileup? Absolutely. But there’s one thing for certain you need to know about the guy, and it’s that he never misses the driver. Never has, and never will.

Also, the man probably had a few thousand dollars on the line on if he could hit a golf ball over the highway or not, and Long John doesn’t lose money (except for the $50-60 million he’s lost in gambling over the years).

The only way this video could be any better is if John was standing in a Hooters parking lot (I think it’s actually the school).

Reminds me of that scene in Animal House when Otter gives Boone advice on his golf swing, ripping shots into the cafeteria, Dean Wormer’s office, and at Doug Neidermeyer in the process.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock