Raccoon Steals Little Boy’s Fish Right Out From Under Him

The ol’ black eyed bandit back at it again.

It’s one thing when it happens to an adult, but even more heartbreaking when it’s a little kid.

We just want to see the youngins get into the sport so it carries on for generations, and you got raccoons out here crushing dreams.

Raccoons look like expert thieves just by the way their colors are, but they’ve been quite known to steal… out of gardens, out of trash cans, pet food… they’re not exactly the most skilled of hunters and mostly rely on scavenging for food.

This little fella learned that the hard way.

A little boy pulled in a fish in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and was clearly excited about it.

It just a good ol’ wholesome video until the raccoon makes his way out of the nearby culvert to inspect the racket that is going on. By the way he sizes up the situation you can tell this is not his first rodeo, he’s stolen a fish before.

Quickly the adult starts to grab the flopping fish and try to remove the hook. The fish kicks a little to hard and gets out of his hands… a typical fishing occurrence.

Without hesitation, the raccoon decides it’s time and makes a run for the fish. He grabs it turns and takes the kids rod with him as he drags it into the culvert and away from everyone.

There’s an easy meal for the dirty little thief, but you almost got to hand it to him… talk about an intelligent small animal. Just waiting inside that drain for a fish to steal. Opportunistic, no doubt.

I just hope the young boy is eager to get one that he can actually get his hands on.

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