Incredible Footage From Car Captures Wolf Chasing Deer For Miles At A 40MPH Clip

A group of animals running through the snow

In the words of Sawyer Brown…”and the race is on.”

Some remarkable footage was unearthed showing a prolonged hunt of a wolf chasing after a deer along a snowy road in Canada.

The chase was so long, in fact, that the guys recording had to split it into two videos. Just when you think it’s done, it picks up again. What’s crazy here is the guys driving say they were going about 40 mph for a while – the speed of this chase is incredible. But what’s almost more impressive is the endurance of these two animals.

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Part 1 is below.

There’s an unexpected moment midway through where the deer comes to a fence, and the wolf appears to pass the deer. They both disappear, then re-emerge from the forest and continue the chase.

Deer vs Wolf

Part 2.

There is no slowing down – nature, you never disappoint.

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Speaking of the race being on…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock