Yellowstone Bison Takes 3rd Victim In A Week… Corners Tourist And Headbutts Him Right Over Barrier

Bison yellowstone

This is starting to become an everyday thing…

Last week, we learned of a man who was sent to the hospital after getting gored by a bison at Yellowstone National Park, all while trying to save a child from getting hurt.

Then, only a couple days later, a 71-year-old woman from Pennsylvania was gored at the park by another bison, and was taken to the hospital to treat a few non life-threatening injuries.

The two bison attacks last week marked the third bison attack in a month, which is already wild in itself.

However, we can add yet another bison attack at Yellowstone to the list, and this time, the tourists at least initially seemed like were trying to follow park regulations of staying at least 25 yards away. How hard they tried? Debatable…

In the video, you can see onlookers observing a massive bison from a distance, when the creature begins to creep over to the tourists.

Once the bison is in dangerously close range, a number of observers take off, probably with last week’s incidents in the back of their minds.

The bison quickly changes directions, and charges straight at what appears to be an older gentleman. The man attempts to hop the fence, but wasn’t quite quick enough. The beast gives a quick charge and strong enough headbutt to knock him clean over the fence,. He appears to hit his head.

You can hear the man videoing say:

“You okay?”

And another tourist saying:

“Oh my gosh he’s bleeding!”

It’s still uncertain who the victim is at this time or his current condition.

Either way… while it looked like they were on the path and behind the barrier, when that bison started walking over, that’s your cue to get the hell out of the way.

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