Hikers Escape Insane Rock Slide At Rocky Mountain National Park: “We Ran For Our Lives”

If you’re out there in the wild, you’re going to witness some crazy things happen, and the good thing about today is that it usually gets caught on video.

Hiking is one of those activities that almost always results in seeing something cool. Most times there’s a nice destination that gives a person that motivation to get through the hike.

This group of guys were out for a day of good views and an outdoor workout in Rocky Mountain National Park when they started to hear rocks begin to fall.

Fox Weather says the William Mondragon and his friends were out for a hike when realized they were in for some trouble.

“We ran for our lives. The boulder we were climbing was covered in debris. We could have been killed”

When Mondragon and company finally made it to safe territory he got an absolutely amazing video of a massive rockslide happening that would have taken them out had they stayed hiking.

If you’re going to hangout in the mountains there’s always the chance you see it a rock fall, but this is some next level stuff.

As the rocks tumbles and cause more to tumble Mondragon watches in amazement.

“Oh my god, oh my god! No way!”

“Dude, its all going”


Yup, that about sums it up.

The rockslide is incredibly satisfying to watch as they all slide down and bring more with them.

But, how lucky are these hikers?

Good call on getting out of there right at the beginning.

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