Heroic Dog Rescues Little Brother Pup From Drowning In Swimming Pool

A dog eating a plastic bag in a pool

Dogs are better than people… don’t tell me otherwise.

Loyal as the come, always excited to see you, and hell, they might even save your life. Will a cat save your life? Nope… they’ll watch your drown… and enjoy it.

And dogs are not only man’s best friend, as evidenced by this pup who saved her little buddy Chucky from drowning in a swimming pool.

Chucky is a 13 year old Pomeranian and Jessie is his heroic big sister, a 7-year-old black Staffordshire Terrier.

According to Daily Paws, Melissa and Byron Thanarayen of Boksburg City, South Africa, say their dogs usually have backyard access while they’re out, but they couldn’t figure out why their dog was wet:

“My wife and I were out for an appointment. When we got back, we noticed that Chucky’s head was wet. We searched the entire house to check where he could have wet his head, but didn’t find anything.”

Suspecting he may have been in the pool, they checked the security camera and couldn’t believe what they saw next.

Chucky was treading water for a whole 30 minutes trying to get out of the pool before Jessie came by and pulled her little brother to safety.

And for those wondering, the pool is being covered.

“Before you start judging… we are getting the pool covered… I can’t believe she did this! It broke our hearts to see this happen when we looked at the security footage.”

Somebody get this dog a big ol’ steak.

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