Freediving Fisherman Spears Massive 480-Pound, World Record Blue Marlin

That’s as radical as it comes in fishing.

Spearfishing is one thing but tackling a fish like a blue marlin is on a whole other level. I mean, we’re talking about a fish that can be 14-feet long and up to 1,500-pounds with a giant sword attached to its face.

This guy went down and wasn’t even planning to spear a marlin when he went underwater. The opportunity started to present itself so he got ready to be the coolest fisherman ever.

A lot of the time marlin gets released, this guy explained that normally that’s how he would operate but this is an opportunity that he couldn’t pass up.

As a school of fish swarmed him when the marlin came into view he waited for a chance. The marlin comes in close and perfectly broadside checking out who the weird thing in amongst his food is. The man takes the shot and nails it perfectly.

The fisherman comes back up and tells the crew what happened in excitement.

Eventually, the float from the spear pops up and they pull the massive fish up to the boat. It ends up being 480.9-pounds and over 11-feet long. At the time, it was a world record spearfished marlin.

And the meat went to the locals:

“The entire fish was cleaned at the dock by the local Panamanians and distributed between the families.

The entire fish was gone in minutes and all eaten within two days. I was very happy to see it make so many people happy!

Gotta love it.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock