Wyoming State Drops 70,000 Fish From Helicopter To Stock Lakes Around The State

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That’s some cool stuff.

I mean, a good stocked lake is always a fun time. You know your odds are increased to catch something, its generally a good family day that ends with a good ol’ fresh caught meal.

There’re many reasons for different state departments to stock fish but usually the methods are not aerial. Some states partake in similar methods, we’ve seen in Colorado and Utah.

It usually happens due to accessibility issue in more remote areas.

The method of aerial stocking lakes has been around since the ’50s and actually works pretty well. They seem to have it down to a science in terms of the species, size and how to drop them. The survival rate is around 95% for most of these types of stocking, which is actually exceptional, other methods can have far lower percentages.

Different rigs are used to let the fish go free, some have special planes and others use helicopters with attachments on the bottom.

Wyoming Game and Fish Department used a helicopter to stock this remote lake.

The video goes through the whole process and gives insight on how they get this done safely and explain taking some of the stress off the fish to keep survival rates up. It shows them loading the fish takes and the helicopter taking off with their stocking machine.

The helicopter flies over the target and drops away the whole bucket of fish as the come bombing down from the sky.

Flying fish are pretty cool, its not something you see every day or something you expect to see for stocking a lake.

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