Kody West Is Back With Another Banger, “Falling”

Drew Seals

Kody West is back with another head banging single.

His fourth single in the past year, West’s “Falling” hit streaming platforms this past Friday.

To my knowledge, there hasn’t been an announcement on an upcoming album yet, but it looks like a new project may be in the works for West, as “Falling” follows previously released singles “Buried Alive,” “Let You Go,” and “Circles.”

The Denton, TX native has made a name for himself over the years as one of the best talents on the Texas/Oklahoma rock and roll scene alongside Koe Wetzel, Read Southall Band, and more.

He’s one of several artists that seem to me to be pioneering the Texas grunge scene, revitalizing the popular alt-rock sound of the ‘90s. With an EP and two studio albums, Green (2017) and Overgrown (2020), already under his belt, West is keeping the momentum going with these new singles.

And “Falling” just might be one of his best singles yet.

“I don’t wanna wake up
Without you in my arms
I don’t wanna come down
I could stay up in the stars
I’m dreamin’ we could live here
Walk among the clouds
Then maybe wait a few years
Only time will tell us now…”

If you’re into clever lyricism backed by heavy guitar riffs, you’ll need to check this one out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock