Nashville Police Department Thanks Luke Bryan For Paying Tribute To First Responders In “Country On” Video

Luke Bryan country music

Luke Bryan might be slowly transitioning to his old music.

We’re talking about the good ol’ days when he was just a farm kid releasing songs like “All My Friends Say,” “Rain Is A Good Thing,” “What Country Is,” and “Welcome To The Farm.” Ya know, before he went all Spring Break twerking frat star, counting margaritas, dropkicking dust, and spelling out M-O-V-E (still might be the worst country song of the 2010s).

With that being said, he dropped brand new single “Country On” today, and it ain’t terrible. I mean, is that a fiddle I’m hearing?

The song is an ode to all the blue collar, hard working folk out there, as well as first responders and military servicemen and women.

He apparently has a music video in the works that features a number of first responders in Nashville, as the Nashville Police Department mentioned on their Twitter page today:

“THANK YOU to Luke Bryan for including Officer Evan Grace, Sgt. Zach Bevis & Officer Kelly Turcios in the video for his new song, ‘Country On.’

The video was recorded in downtown Nashville this morning.”

Like him or not, hate his music or not, you gotta respect ol’ Luke showing the love to those who put their lives on the line day in and day out.

Not sure when the music video will drop, but you can check out the new song today.

Take a listen:

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