Deer Gets Into Waterslide And Has One Hell Of A Time Trying To Get Out

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Oh, deer…

This is a slippery situation…

Should I go on?

The truth is a lot of animals can thrive in urban environments. Deer are one of them. They tend to thrive in many towns and suburbs throughout North America to the point that it actually becomes dangerous to humans with so many accidents taking place.

Hunting tries to balance the numbers, but the low rate of predation and high levels of food available in people’s gardens makes for easy times and skyrocketing populations in these more urban areas.

It comes at a cost though. There’s many accidents and deer are more likely to get into sticky situations because they don’t understand our infrastructure.

Its something that’s bound to happen as we sprawl out over their environment.

Some of these interactions can be hilarious, this is one of them.

A young deer is just trying to walk through a water park when it comes face-to-face with a waterslide. It hops into it just to get to the other side but the slide has a ride in store for this deer.

The deer falls as soon as it gets into the slide. Then falls again and again as it just fights to stand up. Each time the deer stands it falls into a pile and has to pick itself back up.

It was a BATTLE…

Finally, after about ten good falls it somehow hasn’t ended up in the pool and it does get good enough footing to make it to a dry part of the slide and crawl its way out to better ground.

That was one wild ride the deer was not expecting.

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A beer bottle on a dock