Rabid Bobcat Attacks German Shepherd On A Walk, Good Samaritan Comes To The Rescue

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Holy moly, I guess wild cats hate dogs too.

It doesn’t get any crazier than this when you talk your dog for a walk through the middle of town.

Bobcats are wild little kitties. They can weigh up to 30-pounds and are pretty vicious predators. I mean, imagine an mean little housecat on steroids and that’s basically what a bobcat is.

The video from Anthem, Arizona, shows a bobcat absolutely latched to the front of a pretty good-sized German Shephard. This is a strong dog that is used for taking people down and the bobcat is getting the better of him.

The dog was as good as a good boy could be and protected his owner when the bobcat came charging. A bystander runs to help, and the pair of men are seen literally trying to peel the bobcat off the dog.

But it gets crazier.

Finally, they peel it off the dog then it immediately latches on to the nice man who came to help. He violently swings the cat around and tries to throw it off but it is on him good.


Finally, it lets go and takes off running to find a new target.

The Good Samaritan might’ve bit off a little more than he could chew though seeing as how he called for 911 after the bite.

Talk about an absolutely crazy walk.

However, everyone made it away with only minor injuries… and a little rabies:

“Firefighters arrived at the scene later and cared for the wounds. The man was taken to the hospital for a rabies shot. The bobcat did test positive for rabies. The owner of the dog was not injured.”

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