I Got Impatient Waiting For A New Tyler Childers Album, So I Ranked My Top 15 Tyler Childers Songs So Far

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Tyler Childers is without a doubt the biggest non-mainstream artist in country music.

He doesn’t get played on the radio or receive any major country music awards, yet he’s amassed hundreds of millions of listens and one of the largest fan bases in the industry

He has been relatively quiet over the last couple of years, but he took the 2010s by storm, beginning the decade with his debut album Bottles & Bibles in 2011 and ending it with 2019’s Country Squire.

In between those two albums, Childers released his iconic Live at Red Barn Radio I & II album in 2016, and followed it up with one of the best country albums of all time in Purgatory just a year later.

Following Purgatory, Childers’ career really took off as he went from a relatively unknown Appalachian artist to one of the most sought after artists in the genre, without ever getting played on the radio or hitting the mainstream.

Before he knew it, he was selling out massive venues all across the country, headlining festivals, and amassing 100s of millions of fervent listeners.

Back in September 2020, Childers released the surprise album Long Violent History as a protest against racism. Aside from the title track “Long Violent History,” the nine track album features eight fiddle-centric bluegrass instrumentals.

While this album didn’t receive the same ravenous response from his fans as his others, I thought it was impressive that he was able to learn the fiddle so well for the album. While it is obviously different from his other albums, since the majority of it lacks his vocals and lyricism that everyone loves, I think it’s pretty cool that he decided to release it.

Nevertheless, it has been almost three years since Childers released Country Squire, his most recent album aside from the instrumental-heavy Long Violent History.

With that being said, I think I can accurately speak on behalf of country music fans everywhere that we wish Tyler Childers would release new music soon. The Paintsville, Kentucky native also announced back in April that he has enjoyed not touring as much as he once did and would be spending more time at home, but for good reason: He and his wife Senora May are expecting their first child later this year.

With no certainty on when Tyler Childers will release new music or go on tour next, it is a good thing he has given us such a great catalog of music already. Here are my 15 favorite Childers songs to hold you over.

15. “Play Me a Hank Song” – Bottles & Bibles (2011)

14. “Tattoos” – Purgatory (2017)

13. “Deadman’s Curve” – Live From Red Barn Radio I & II (2016)

12. “All Your’n” – Country Squire (2019)

11. “Hard Times” – Bottles & Bibles (2011)

10. “House Fire” – Country Squire (2019)

9. “Universal Sound” – Purgatory (2017)

8. “Charleston Girl” – Live From Red Barn Radio I & II (2016)

7. “Nose on the Grindstone” (2017)

6. “Whitehouse Road” – Purgatory (2017)

5. “Coal” – Bottles & Bibles (2011)

4. “Lady May” – Purgatory (2017)

3. “Shake the Frost” – Live From Red Barn Radio I & II (2016)

2. “Feathered Indians” – Purgatory (2017)

1. “Follow You to Virgie” – Live From Red Barn Radio I & II (2016)

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