Fisherman Captures Grizzly Bear Chasing Down A Helpless Cow In Wyoming   

Talk about a good meal for a wild animal.

I imagine that an animal likes a good grain fed cow just as much as we like a grain fed deer. It’s hard to beat the taste of some good meat that ate well throughout its whole life.

Not to mention… easy hunt.

These domesticated animals just don’t have a fighting chance against a killer like a grizzly, and that is on display right here. All they can do is run for dear life (not long and not fast) and hope that their farmer shows up to blast the grizz away before they become dinner.

However, just because the cow doesn’t stand a chance, it doesn’t make this video any less incredible though.

Grizzly bears are some of the fiercest animals out there. Absolute killers that require up to 30-pounds of food a day. It’s hard to eat 30-pounds of berries so usually it comes in the form of whatever is easiest to kill.

Unfortunately for ranchers, it ends up being cattle if there’s no one watching. There’s no agreement or license given, these beasts just take as they please until someone stops them… and let’s face it, nobody wants to get between a grizzly and good meal.

A man driving in Wyoming on his way for a day of fishing came across this grizzly chasing down a cow across a road and into a field. The cow makes a good run but looks a bit small from distance. Upon closer inspection, both the bear and the cow are larger than they appear.

The bear literally jumps up on its back and rides the cow until it finally falls to its knees. The grizzly jumps on its neck like a kid on a snickers… and it’s game over.

The man tries honking as a last ditch effort to save the cow, but it’s no use… the bear isn’t threatened by the car and proceeds to chow down.

These predators are always cool to see in action… there’s just nothing else like them out there.

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