Police Department Increasing Cemetery Security After Charlie Daniels’ Gravestone Was Vandalized

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Some people…

The late Charlie Daniels’ team posted an update on Twitter yesterday that his grave marker, located in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee (just outside of Nashville), was vandalized by someone who glued a spouse’s military ID onto the marble around it.

Though it sounds like it was probably just an overly excited fan who wanted to show their appreciation for his support of the military during his life, who in the world even thinks of gluing something onto someone’s grave marker?

The more I see in this world, the less I understand…

They also noted that a dogwood sapling and watering bag for the tree were stolen from the site, as well.

As a result, the Mt. Juliet police department will be increasing patrols around the grave and installing video surveillance to keep an eye on it and make sure something like this doesn’t happen again:

“Thanks to someone stealing a dogwood sapling & watering bag this weekend (seriously!) & someone gluing a spouse’s military ID on the marble of Charlie’s marker a few months ago, MJPD will be increasing patrols near his grave & video surveillance will soon be installed – TeamCDB.”

And it seems like this should go without saying, but if you plan on visiting his grave site in the future, maybe just leave a flower and move along…

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