Parker McCollum Spends Some Time With Willie Nelson’s Guitar, “Trigger”

Country music has a rich history of remembering certain objects and their importance to the culture of the genre… George Jones’ lawnmower, anyone?

But there may be no object or instrument that has a deeper place in that history than Willie Nelson’s guitar “Trigger.”

You can get the details and history behind the iconic guitar here, but long story short, Willie has been playing the same guitar since 1969 after a drunk broke his old one at a bar gig.

The guitar has a sound as unique as the man holding it, that’s for damn sure.

Well, Parker McCollum got to spend some time with the instrument that’s never too far away from ol’ Willie which begs the question…

Are those two planning something?

It would almost make sense, as the two hail from Texas and Willie has been shown a willingness to make some music with other rising stars that came out of that scene, like Cody Johnson.

Even though he’s 89 years old, Willie shows pretty much no sign of slowing down and keeps releasing album after album and feature after feature.

I’d be so down for a collaboration between these two.

Parker has always shown a major appreciation for the legends that have come before him and love a good slow sad song, of which there’s none better than Willie Nelson.

What do you guys think?

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