Luke Combs Calls Out Review Saying “Country Fans Were Let Down” By ‘Growin’ Up’

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Last Friday, Luke Combs dropped his third career studio album, Growin’ Up, and has seen a ton of praise and support for the highly anticipated new project.

The man of the people had us all hanging onto the edge of our seats for the new album, with lead singles like “Doin’ This,” “The Kind of Love We Make,” “Tomorrow Me,” and a live performance video of “Middle of Somewhere.”

Not to mention, he has a sweet collaboration song with Miranda Lambert on the album, titled “Outrunnin’ Your Memory.”

The album offers a number of songs that share a sense of relatability for people from all different walks of life, while also showing his growth as an artist, as he admittedly said he’s beginning to transition out of the “beer drinkin'” songs, considering he’s now a married man and a new dad. 

Of course, country music is completely subjective, and not everybody is going to like the same music as everybody else.

The Post, a student newspaper from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, released an article today about how some “country fans were let down by ‘Growin’ Up,'” even though the article doesn’t note any fans who didn’t like the album besides the writer.

Combs responded via Twitter by saying:

“Hmm… and what fans would that be?”

I mean, if you’re gonna go ahead and say that “country fans were let down,” you gotta at least show something to back that up. The Post sure as hell doesn’t speak for all country music fans.

There’s not a single tweet, comment, criticism… no nothing from country music fans, just one person’s opinion. And tagging him in a review saying the album sucks? Bold strategy Cotton…

And while nobody would even care if Luke didn’t respond to the article, I love that he did. Call ’em out Luke.

At the end of the day, Luke has the #1 album in country music right now, and the #1 album in all of music right now according to iTunes’ Top 100 Albums. We’ll see where he comes in on Billboard’s Hot 200 later this week, but it’s safe to say that the album was and is a smashing success.


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