RANKED: Koe Wetzel’s Insanely Awesome Music Videos

Koe Wetzel country music

Koe Wetzel doesn’t need an introduction anymore.

The guy has gone from an up and coming Texas artist to an international rockstar, and it has been awesome to watch.

His music is great and his live shows are absolutely electric, and if you follow him on social media, you are able to get a glimpse into his rockstar lifestyle that makes it all even better.

He is touring the country playing sold out shows and headlining festivals everywhere he goes, and boozing, burning, and hanging out with Snoop Dogg and Diplo along the way.

His social media presence is honestly pretty absurd, but in an incredibly entertaining way that only adds to Koe’s fame. The same can be said about his music videos.

Now I know some people think music videos have been irrelevant just as long as MTV has, but in my opinion, that’s a horrible take. Music videos are a great way to pass the time, whether you’re looking for new music, going down a YouTube rabbit hole, or burning the midnight oil with your buddies after a night out.

And Koe’s, if you haven’t seen them yet, are just as entertaining as you’d expect from such a rockstar. They have been a mainstay in my late-night YouTube rotation for years, and I recommend you give it a try yourself.

While they are all great, I’ve ranked all six of Koe’s music videos for you to check out.

6. “April Showers”

5. “Drunk Driving”

4. “Cold & Alone”

3. “Sundy or Mundy”

2. “Forever”

1. “Good Die Young”

Hopefully more of these epic music videos are in the works.

Koe Wetzel truly is one of a kind.

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