8 Ejected After All Out Brawl Breaks Out During Los Angeles Angels Seattle Mariners Game

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Chaos in Anaheim this afternoon.

An all out brawl broke out between the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the Seattle Mariners after Seattle’s Jesse Winker took a fastball off the ass in the second inning.

Angels starter Andrew Wantz drilled Winker with the first pitch of the inning, and tossed a pitch behind the head of Julio Rodriguez the inning before.

The game was delayed nearly 20 minutes and six players were ejected as well as both managers.

In addition to Winker and Rodriguez, shortstop J.P. Crawford and manager Scott Servais were ejected for the Mariners. For the Angels, it was pitchers Andrew Wantz, Ryan Tepera and Raisel Iglesias, as well as Phil Nevin.

This wasn’t just your run of the mill benches clearing… these fellas were brawling:

Winker flipped the  double birds to the crowd as he exited the stadium.

The pitch was retaliation for coming high and tight on Mike Trout the day before.

“If you can’t pitch inside don’t pitch inside, if you’re gonna hit me hit me in the ribs don’t hit me in the head.” 

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