Runaway Golf Cart Drives Itself Straight Into A Pond At The Travelers Championship, And Ghosts May Be Real

A dog swimming in water

Are ghosts real?

Okay okay that’s a conversation for another time, but after watching this video of a rogue golf cart at this year’s Travelers Championship at TPC River Highlands, I might be a little more convinced.

Video footage went viral of a rogue golf cart traveling at a high speed with nobody behind the wheel, and it almost seems to have driven itself into the pond.

I mean c’mon look at the footage. If you’ve ever lost control of a golf cart and jumped out, that son of a gun is headed straight for a tree.

However, this golf cart was making a few swift turns, avoiding bunkers, weeds, and people, and took a nice little plunge into the pond on the par-3 16th hole at the golf course.

For a brief second, a spectator considers to make an effort to stop the cart before it took the plunge, but it was obvious it was too late. And honestly, smart move by my guy, because he would’ve probably went swimming with it too if he would’ve tried to grab the wheel last second.

There wasn’t a soul out there was gonna jump out in front, because there was absolutely nothing slowing that golf cart down.

You would’ve thought that some drunk dude was whipping this thing around the golf course.

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A beer bottle on a dock