Black Bears Dies After Locking Itself Inside A Hot Car In East Tennessee

Bear Car
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

A tourist was visiting the Great Smoky Mountains in Sevierville, Tennessee, when the tourist walked out to find a bear that had passed away in their car outside of the rental cabin.

The owner of the car found the bear inside the car around 6:45 PM on Wednesday, after leaving the cabin in a different car around 10 AM that morning, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency via Facebook post.

Officials believe that the black bear was able to get inside the unlocked car with either its teeth or paws while searching for food, but was unable to escape after the door shut behind it.

It appears that bear was trying to get ahold of an empty soda can and a food wrapper that was sitting on the floor.

The agency said:

“We believe that heat likely killed the bear as outside temperatures exceeded 95 degrees yesterday, meaning the vehicle’s interior possibly reached over 140 degrees.”

They added that people should always leave their car doors locked in areas like this, and remove any kind of trash containing food from the car at all times.

Although it’s heartbreaking that the bear passed away due to extreme heat, it’s pretty impressive that a bear’s sense of smell is so strong, that a bear was able to even locate the tiny bit of food and drink left in a soda can and food wrapper inside of a car.

Unfortunately for the vehicle owner, the bear tore that thing apart trying to get out before it tragically passed away in the heat.

Lock your doors people…

Black Bear Breaks Into Family’s Car In The Smoky Mountains, Steals Their Cake

Talk about some people who involuntarily found themselves in a sticky situation.

A family was visiting their cabin at The Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. And if you know anything about Gatlinburg, Tennessee, you know they got themselves a healthy population of rambunctious black bears.

They’d only been there for five minutes, when outta nowhere a young black bear makes its way to their car.

Sure enough, he smells the birthday cake that’s sitting in the trunk of their car, and it’s doing everything it can to make its way in.

The people begin to try to scare the bear away by turning on the car’s alarm, but it does no good, as the bear miraculously makes its way into the trunk of the car.

Finally, they realize they have to take matters into their own hands, and proceed to walk outside and try to scare the bear away themselves.

Once the young bear has done some damage to the cake, it runs off, but continues to stay close by as it stares the people down.

I have to say, these people have a lot more courage than me.

When a young bear is off by itself, that means the mama bear ain’t too far behind, and that’s when things can get ugly.

Here’s the description from the folks who lost their cake:

“We had just arrived at our cabin in The Smoky Mountains (Gatlinburg). We hadn’t been at our cabin for more than 5 minutes. We were unloading our luggage. We had stopped by a local grocery store to pick up a birthday cake a little while before arriving. The cake was sitting in the rear of the vehicle.

My sister-in-law walked back out to retrieve some more stuff and saw the young bear in the car eating the birthday cake that we had just purchased. She started screaming for us all to come out and see what was happening. The video tells the rest of the story.

I also have the follow-up video that shows mama bear coming a little while later and trying to open the car door to find more cake. I also added a picture of what was left of the cake.”

The black bear is the most common bear to populate the Smoky Mountains, and according to the Smoky Mountain National Park, an estimated 1,500 black bears populate the area.

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