Zac Brown Band And Blake Shelton Collab For Remix Of Boot Stompin’ “Out In The Middle”

Well, this is a surprisingly good collaboration.

First off, I’ll be the first to say it’s awesome seeing the Zac Brown Band go back to their roots, after the absolute atrocity that was the 2019 The Owl album, and I can’t listen to Zac Brown’s The Controversy pop album without bleeding from the ears.

Yes, the group strayed off the path for a minute, but they came back as strong as ever with their The Comeback album last year, and seem to be the band they were before.

With that being said, the group just dropped a collab song with Blake Shelton, titled “Out In The Middle.”

“It has the pulsating sound and feeling your heart gets when you’re adventuring the great outdoors and your adrenaline starts pumping. We combined our old school country roots and southern rock style, creating an ode to our country pride and life’s simple pleasures.”

Now, I’ll have to admit, the name of the song wanted me to turn my cheek for a second, as it’s one of those basic bro-country terms that have plagued mainstream country music for so long. It just feels like a shallow lyric, and just makes you think, “Out in the middle of what? Can we get a little deeper than this please?”

However, written by Zac Brown, Luke Combs, Ben Simonetti, Jonathan Singleton, this song is actually pretty damn catchy. It’s one of those songs that’ll have you tappin’ your toe, and it’s one of the few that I can actually get down with.

Give it a listen:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock