Dude With Bikini Top Shaved Into His Chest Hair Shotguns A White Claw At The College World Series, Becomes Instant Star

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Somebody needs to track this guy down and protect him at all costs, he might just be a national treasure.

When Arkansas and Auburn faced each other for an SEC elimination game showdown in the College World Series, the cameras zoomed in on one fan in particular that simply stuck out more than the rest…

And it’s a dude reppin’ a bucket hat, red bandana style shorts, and his chest hair shaved in the shape of a bikini, which we call a “mankini” around my neck of the woods in South Carolina.

Needless to say, people stopped paying attention to the game, including the cameramen, as they couldn’t keep the cameras off mankini dude.

This is peak male form right here.

Do you realize the nuts you have to have, to show up to a nationally televised game with your chest hair shaved into a bikini top?

And one may wonder, “Why? Why in the ever livin’ hell would you even think about doing this to yourself?”

Well, mankini guy, who’s named Tim, had this brilliant explanation.

“So this all started back in memorial day weekend, I do this because I’m a legend.

Not really, I’m just a kid that doesn’t care in life, and I was like ‘Oh I’m going to the CWS can I sit next to first base?’ Why not re-shave it?”

Simple as that…

And by the way, if you’ve never been, the College World Series in Omaha is a BLAST.

Sounds like he’s had a few…

Maybe we should all learn a life lesson or two from ol’ Tim. However, we’re gonna have to work on the alcoholic beverage game brotha? White Claw? Really?

This is a Bud Heavy moment…

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