Drunk Fan Runs On Stage, Moons The Crowd At Justin Moore Concert

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“Cause it’s Friday, cause it’s Monday, cause I’m gonna run on stage at a Justin Moore concert and show my ass to everybody in the crowd.”

Looks like one fan took Justin Moore’s song “Why We Drink” a little too seriously and had a few too many at one of his recent shows.

Video posted to TikTok shows the (presumably shitfaced) young lady running onto the stage and right up to Justin as he’s singing “If You Don’t Like My Twang” from his 2011 Outlaws Like Me album.

The woman then seemingly bends over to pick something up – which was a bad idea because the dress she was wearing wasn’t quite long enough to leave anything to the imagination.

She ends up mooning the crowd as Justin steps aside, while security then moves in and escorts the woman off the stage.

Justin never missed a beat though, and his guitar player Roger Lee Coleman can be seen in the background laughing as Justin’s tour manager, JR, removes the unwanted visitor from the stage.

Now, it should go without saying, but this is a really bad idea for a number of reasons. Doing stupid shit like this is a huge security risk that’s dangerous for not only the fan but also for the artist on stage doing his job, who has no idea who’s running up behind him.

Fortunately in this case Justin and his team were pros and removed the lady quickly and safely, but that’s not always going to be the case.

And is it really worth showing the entire arena (and the entire internet) your ass and getting removed from the concert just to be on the stage for 10 seconds?

Maybe have just a couple less of those $12 concert beers next time…

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A beer bottle on a dock