12-Year-Old Texas Girl Writes “Headed To Put The Smack Down On A Monster Buck” On Her School Sign-Out Sheet

Buck hunting girl

We’ve all been there before, and if you haven’t, you’re probably lying.

You know, you just weren’t feeling school one day in elementary school, so you’d beg and plead for your parents to sign a permission slip until you annoy them to the point they can’t take it anymore, so they make up a BS excuse to the school and let you lay on the couch and watch Spongebob all day while eating Hot Cheetos (maybe that was just me).

However, for this 12-year-old girl from Texas, she was as blunt as possible to her teachers about why she was missing school one certain day.

She said she was:

“Headed to go put the smack down on a monster buck.”

And where I grew up, and in most small towns across the country, hunting season was a perfectly valid reason to miss school. You just had your parents fill out a permission slip that said you would be hunting for the day.

Sometimes, however, kids feel like they need a “better” reason for missing school.

Most kids are absent from school or get signed out early because of dentist and doctor appointments, a family emergency, or something along those lines.

Not this girl.

She was on a mission to bag the biggest buck of her life, and she was ready to tell the world and flaunt a 12-point deer mount in her room.

Her parents weighed in:

“When you check your 12 yr old daughter out of school early and everybody else writes down Dr. appointments but you right down the truth… priorities.

Ain’t nobody got time for school!”

That’s raisin’ ’em up right… proud daddy.

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