William Clark Green Releases Sequel To His “Baker Hotel” Music Video With Brand New “All You Got”

Back in March, William Clark Green released one of the best albums of the year thus far in Baker Hotel.

His sixth studio album, Baker Hotel is 13 tracks of clever songwriting, with a few songs like “All You Got” that even showcase a new kind of sound for William Clark Green.

One of the best parts about the album, though, is the music video accompanying the title track “Baker Hotel.”

The seven and a half minute long mini movie follows three kids and best friends on Halloween as their trick-or-treating escalates into one of them attempting to reach the top floor of the abandoned and haunted Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, TX.

Achieving his goal and reaching small town legend status, the kid gets the girl by the end of the video.

In the credits it says that three boys and the girl remained close friends. Tyler, who got to the top of the hotel, went on to win the state championship in football and became high school sweethearts with the girl, Ann Marie, who had dreams of going to NYU.

Well now William Clark Green has released a video for my favorite song on the album, “All You Got.”

Continuing his creativity from the “Baker Hotel” video, Green takes us eight years later with this one, and things aren’t going quite as well for Tyler, the hometown hero, anymore. Check out what happens next here:

Will everything end up okay for Tyler and Ann Marie?

Only WCG knows, but I bet there will be another music video to show how the story plays out in the end.

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