Florida Trapper Gets Knocked Into A Different Area Code By An Alligator Headbutt

I can imagine that alligator sightings in Florida are probably equivalent to seeing squirrels everywhere else.

Okay, okay, maybe not that common, but it’s probably not an out of this world rarity to find an alligator roaming through a residential area that’s located near a swamp.

With that being said, there’s probably a ton of trappers in Florida who law enforcement calls to take care of rogue gators in a careful and safe manner, and it’s just another day on the job for these guys.

However, for one trapper in Ocoee, Florida, this normal “day on the job” made a turn for the worse pretty quick.

A Florida Fish and Wildlife trapper was tasked with putting an eight-foot gator that had been roaming throughout a residential area in the back of a truck.

Video footage shows that things were going pretty smooth, until shit hit the fan in about 0.2 seconds.

Once the trapper and surrounding police officers got the gator in the bed of the truck, the creature quickly tried to make a run for it by head butting the ever living hell out of the trapper, sending his sunglasses flying and knocking him out cold for a few seconds.

We’re talking about a scaly creature, and everybody knows a gator can whoop you and rip you apart limb by limb if it wants to, so one can only imagine the kind of force the gator used to send this pretty big dude into next week.

Florida Man Wrangles Gator With A Trash Can

Ah, Florida…

Beautiful beaches, Disney World, gators, and meth…

There’s nothing like waking up to see “Florida Man” trending on the internet. And most of the time you can usually count on a headline that reads a little something like this:

“Florida Man Loads Car With Frozen Iguanas, They Warm Up, Come Back To Life, Cause Car Accident”

(That’s a real headline by the way, you can read it here.)

Anyways, much to my surprise, this morning’s Florida Man wasn’t going viral for ripping bath salts and trying to eat tires in the local Publix parking lot… no, this dude was trying to catch a gator.

I mean, do you even live in Florida if you’ve never had to wrangle a gator?

So while gator wrangling is pretty par for the course in Florida, this dude’s method of capture was not… grab a garbage can.


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