Bowhunter Sneaks Up Close Enough To Grab Big Ol’ Bedding Mule Deer By The Antlers

I guess hunting a muley this big wasn’t enough for this hunter.

He had to get up to it and have a close look while it was living.

Getting close enough to a deer like this to shoot it is one thing, getting close enough to touch it is a whole other ball game… damn near impossible, actually.

The conditions must have been perfect with wind in his favor because deer, especially ones this big and old, have amazing senses. I mean, they all have pretty remarkable senses but ones this large have very impressive senses that have kept them alive for a while against all odds.

The video shows a man in full camo army crawling through tall grass. You notice a set of nice antlers sticking up in front of the hunter as he reaches out for them

This is a brave man… those things are certified weapons strapped to a wild animal.

He grabs right ahold of one of them and the buck doesn’t move. The hunter gives them a big shake before the deer stands up looks right at the man and runs off.

Either way, if a hunter is getting this close to a buck that’s this nice, you know he’s good at what he does.

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