Two Bears Brawl It Out Inside California Woman’s Garage

It’s still hard for me to fathom the fact that bear sightings are a common occurrence in other parts of the country, even in residential areas.

Around my neck of the woods in South Carolina, worst case scenario we have to shew off a few raccoons that make their way on the front porch.

However, these bear sightings are very real, and sometimes, it can get pretty gnarly, which is exactly what this South Lake Tahoe woman discovered on her Ring doorbell.

Lisa Quick woke up to a “strange growling,” which she quickly assumed was a bear wandering somewhere outside of her house.

Except, it was not one bear.

It was two bears absolutely slugging it out in her garage, basically right in front of the door.

She recalled the scary incident to the outlet:

“I woke up to that strange growling and knew it was a mad bear but I thought it was maybe a bear and a raccoon or maybe a bear and coyote.

I screamed and my dogs started barking and we ran out there to break it up. I see bears every single day but we’ve never had them fight before.

They are loners and don’t travel together.”

She admitted that she loves bears, and has had a number of encounters at her home. She typically just goes outside and chases them away.

This would be quite a sticky situation, because not only do you have two massive creatures brawling in your garage, but they also have the ability to damage every single item you have in there.

The fight only lasted a few seconds until they called it quits, but I’m not sure you could pay me enough to walk out there and chase them off by myself.

Bear sightings are no rare occurrence in the South Lake Tahoe, California area, as we all know and love “Hank The Tank,” the massive 500 pound black bear that was accused of breaking into a number of homes in a residential area.

Of course, ol’ Hank received the justice he deserved, as it was proven that he was not the bear responsible for the break-ins.

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