Highly Intoxicated Old Man Tries To Fight Guy For Fishing By Golf Course As He Makes No Sense Whatsoever

Thank God for the internet and GoPro, otherwise this gem wouldn’t be possible.

Let me start by asking the obvious: is there anything worse than being around a person drunk off their ass when you are completely sober? Just the absolute worst. Walking into a bar when all your friends are smashed and you have to play catch-up is anxiety overload.

What makes this scenario even worse? Having to deal with a drunk when you’re doing one of the most relaxing acts known to man…fishing.

A video from 2018 racked up over 4.5 MILLION views as it shows a (very polite) 22-year-old guy, Alex, fishing near a golf course when a drunk old man by the name of Franklin shows up to ruin the mood.

If you do a bit of browsing on YouTube, you’ll find a gold mine of drunk and crazies going after people fishing. This one is top of the line.

Alex: “Are you hammered? I can smell the alcohol on you.”

Drunk Franklin: “No that’s fine.”

Alex: “I’m getting irritated now.”

Drunk Franklin: “OH.. OK… LeT’s fIgHt. Yer ready? Yer ready?”

Franklin here likes talking about the “lot” next to the golf course quite a bit.

Trying to figure out what he has in that styrofoam cup, my only guess is 32 oz of Jim Beam on ice.

One of the top YouTube comments said it best, “The male version of a Karen should now be called, ‘A Franklin.'”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock