Group Of Hunters Use Chainsaw To Cut Massive Buck’s Antlers Off, Saving His Life  

Every country boy loves to bust out the chainsaw.

Coming across two white-tailed deer fighting is one thing that most hunters dream of seeing. Coming across two that are stuck together is something no one ever thinks they’ll see. Everyone has heard stories or seen videos, but it is pretty rare.

The thing is, usually it’s a much larger buck fighting a younger one, it makes it hard for the antlers to line up perfect enough to lock. When two large bucks go at it, typically they still have a fight and one chases the other off without any issues other than the odd scratch and always a hurt ego.

I never want to see an animal suffering or in a life-threatening situation. But, if I ever come across one where I can help, I hope it’s something like this here.

A group of men out in the woods for a hunting trip came across a massive buck dragging another very nice buck through a river trying to shake off of him. Through the anger of fighting the other deer and the frustration of being caught up, the buck would not stop even with his competition being completely motionless.

The men immediately go to work and get the wild buck pinned down and secured so they can start to help it out. They decide the fastest way to free the living buck is to cut the antlers off.

There tool of choice is a chainsaw.

They cut the live ones antlers off so he can live without the others antlers still stuck to him. As soon as they are cut off the deer stands up and runs as far away as it can.

This is a wild video, not many people would wrestle a deer down and cut his antlers off with a chainsaw to save its life.

Now, hopefully you run into this big boy later when you’re up in the tree stand.

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