Florida Home Depot Brawl Features Paint Flying, Old Man Haymakers, Shovels, And A Poor Truck

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Wanted to write a quick thank you note to Florida.

During these times some things have remained as consistent as ever – mainly, Florida news. It’s been there throughout the years, never missing a beat, to keep us entertained and in awe.

We thank you, Florida. And of course, we thank the always insane Florida Man.

Now, this gem. A good ol’ fashioned donnybrook coming to you from a Tampa, FL Home Depot.

This is filled with so much action, continuously becoming more entertaining  as the old men swing for the fences, swing shovels, throw paint – you name it. Also, that poor truck…

Roll the tape.

“The men all knew each other and worked together. They declined to press charges,” the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman told The NY Post.

Work stress – that’s all.

Florida and Home Depot are apparently a match made in heaven.

Four years ago a monkey was on the loose in a West Palm Beach store, attacking an employee in the process. No big deal.

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A beer bottle on a dock