Wild Turkey Body Slams Hawk To Protect Her Chicks

Motherly love at its finest.

If you’ve spent anytime in the woods and have come across any bird chicks, you know that birds change when they have young. Hawks will attack, grouse will too, they chirp, charge and fly around all to protect their young.

It’s really a pretty cool thing, the birds put aside their strong natural instincts and protect at all costs.

Turkeys have a large job for protection. They have clutches generally with 10 to 14 chicks. That’s a big target for many animals right from them being eggs up to when they are becoming fully grown.

Just about everything that eats meat out there is looking to get ahold of them somewhere along the line.

Enter hawks.

They are tree top predators that generally looks for small prey to swoop in and grab quickly. They are not looking for any sort of fight. They like to get in and out with a quick strike and go elsewhere to have their meal.

This hawk saw a whole bunch of small birds wandering together and thought it had found just that… an easy target.

However, the hen had some different plans.

As the hawk comes into view on the video the mother turkey is attacking it quicker than it swooped down in. The mother immediately is on top it and I can only imagine she’s laying the spurs right to it. The hawk takes off and the turkey is right on its tail flying it out of the area.

Watch out if you come across some turkey chicks, that’s a big bird with weapons attached to their legs that’s coming at ya.

They certainly don’t seem afraid, but I probably would be.

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