Kayak Fisherman Hammers Monster Pike On Duck Lure In North Dakota

In the freshwater fishing world, it doesn’t get much cooler than this here.

Every fisherman out there should tune in and have peek because there’s a new lure idea here and it’s worth getting in on the action.

I love seeing different lures being used. Top waters just seem to be so much more satisfying though. There’s something about seeing a fish come out of the water that makes something as great as fishing even better.

When it’s something like a full-sized duckling? Even better.

The fisherman from North Dakota sets out in his kayak and starts casting the hefty top water lure in search of monster  pike. Right off the bat he draws one in but misses it.

Following that up, as he reels in you can see a beautiful fish following the duckling in. The fisherman realizes and starts to move the rod as the line gets to close, he gives a jerk to make the duckling move fast and the pike attacks.

The fisherman fights the fish as it strips some line out on him. Eventually he gets it into the net and holds it in front of his camera. What a fish.

It seems even more satisfying on this lure.

He continues fishing and has really good luck with the lure. The man keeps on catching a few pike and having more come after the lure. Lots of action for using an uncommon lure.

This is definitely worth the try.

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A beer bottle on a dock