Yellowstone Tourists Think A Wood Fence Will Keep Them Safe From Bison

This is not a zoo, all right?

I mean, I’ve seen it time and time again and it just solidifies the fact that you can’t fix stupid and you cannot teach common sense.

Unfortunately for all of these folks, they are lacking in both intelligence and common sense.

If you have visited a national park, you know for a fact there’s a warning sign directly on that fence somewhere along with hundreds more telling you that it is an offence to get this close to wildlife and how much danger it really is.

Sometimes lessons are learned the hard way, I guess.

Unfortunately, no one learned a lesson in this video. It just amazes me how stupid these folks are. A bison can lift another full grown bison off the ground and these people think a few 2x6s and 4x4s are going to stop one…

That’s just ignorance at its finest.

The video shows a whole crowd of tourists far to close to the animal. Everyone takes some pictures and admires it. The bison takes off towards the fence between itself and everyone.

Sadly, it slows down and decides it doesn’t want that much chaos today. A few, very few, of the smarter people of the crowd, which isn’t saying much, move away when this happens. But all they do is make room for the real dummies.

A few people walk directly in front of the bison, within a foot or two. This is painfully stupid to the point you hope the bison teaches them a valuable lesson.

He does not. But we all need to remember that these things are absolute beasts and nothing in these parks except a safe distance can actually protect you from them.

Don’t be like these people.

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