Entire Room Is Stunned After This Phenomenal Cover Of Chris Stapleton’s “Either Way”

Dude can SING.

The 2017 Swedish Idol winner Chris Kläfford delivered an absolute stunner of a performance of the Chris Stapleton hit, “Either Way” a while back.

We’ve shared some of Chris’ covers before, I’m talking one of the best Stapleton covers I’ve ever heard in my entire life, but if we take it all the way back to an episode of this Swedish game show, the reactions of his fellow contestants are what really makes this performance so powerful.

Sitting at the piano alongside two other Swedish singers, Chris puts everybody in the room’s jaw through the floor. The face of the woman sitting next to him pretty much says it all…

Half the room was in tears, the other half had goosebumps, everybody was cheering… this is what it looks like to actually captivate a room with your voice.

And not to mention, the guy (also named Chris) is a spitting image of Chris Stapleton himself.

He also performed an incredible rendition of “Broken Halos.”

Swedish Chris Stapleton Sings “What Are You Listening To”

I’m convinced that this fella and Chris Stapleton are long lost brothers.

If you’re familiar with Chris Kläfford, you’ve undoubtedly heard the Swedish Idol winner cover Chris Stapleton one time or another.

He absolutely floored the entire room performing Stapleton’s “Either Way” last year, but also more recently, he shared an impressive acoustic cover of Chris’ “Broken Halos”

No doubt about it, the dude loves some Chris Stapleton. In an interview at Norman’s Rare Guitars, Kläfford referred to him as “a god,” (which nobody around here is going to disagree with), so this time, let’s take a look back at another one of his phenomenal Chris Stapleton covers.

One of my all-time favorites (and probably the most underrated) Stapleton song, his first solo single ever from way back in 2013, “What Are You Listening To.”

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