Aaron Watson Goes For The “Jugular Of Mainstream Country Music” With New Album, ‘Unwanted Man’

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Aaron Watson has been teasing his new Unwanted Man album, only a few months after dropping his 2021 American Soul album…

And the day is finally here.

The Texas native has been a mainstay in the Texas country music scene for over 20 years, wracking up a number one Top Country Album with his 2015 project The Underdog, along with his first mainstream radio hit “Outta Style.”

Needless to say, even though he’s seen a lot of success over the past couple decades, he’s still trying to “perfect” his craft, and Unwanted Man further proves that.

He first discussed the new album on our Whiskey Riff Raff podcast, saying:

“When I get a little bit pissed off and competitive that’s when I do my best stuff, and I’m right there right now.

So I’ll tell you about the ‘Unwanted Man’ album that comes out this summer… it was all songs that I wrote during the quarantine, there’s 10 songs, I picked ’em. It was really the first time I was like ‘there is no theme, these are my songs.'”

And if you were wondering about the message Watson was trying to send through the new album, it’s simple:

“To go for the jugular of mainstream country music.”

The album is filled with heartfelt messages to his wife, like the title-track, life lessons, tear jerkers, and songs that’ll have you wanting to take it easy on a Saturday night and share a few drinks with your significant other.

Here’s a few of my favorites:

“The Old Man Said”

“Dancing Around The Truth”

“One In A Million Girl”

“Heck Of A Song”

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A beer bottle on a dock