Young Moose Somehow Gets Its Two Front Legs Stuck In Fence, Saved By Homeowner

That would be a shock walking into your backyard.

You come around the corner and see a small moose struggling with its two front hooves stuck in the top of a fence, it really would almost be unbelievable regardless of where you live.

Moose are such a cool animal, though. They’re seemingly what you’d get if you mixed a horse and a deer, and even a young one like the one in this video are large compared to other animals. This moose would hardly be a year old and is already larger than most deer out there.

Young animals are known to get themselves into some interesting predicaments though. They just have so much to learn in a crazy world. For an animal like moose, human contact is truly minimal and knowing how to act around human structures is sometimes learned the hard way.

The video starts showing a set of hooves sticking through the cracks in a wooden fence as man chips away trying to break it free.

The video goes around the fence and shows a very embarrassed looking moose.

One might wonder how a moose could look embarrassed, but that look in its eye is universal… embarrassment.

The man ends up getting one hoof out as the moose frantically tries to get away.

They calm it back down and chip the last piece away from the second hoof to free the animal.

The moose hangs around for a minute thinking about what just had happened, almost as if it wanted to say thank you to the men who helped it.

All at once it realizes this was its cue to leave and takes off running straight back into town.

Hopefully it doesn’t come across anymore fences on its way back home, it quite hasn’t figured them out yet.

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