Tom Hanks Goes Off On Crowd That Knocked Into His Wife, Rita Wilson: “Back The F*ck Off!”

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks seems to be a pretty laid back, or judging by all of his movie roles at least.

However, when it comes to his wife of 34 years, actress and country music singer, Rita Wilson?

Yeah, you’re gonna feel the wrath of Tom Hanks something fierce before you can even say “Oh shit, what’ve I done?”

According to TMZ, Tom and Rita were heading to their car last night in New York City, when they were embraced by a number of fans and/or paparazzi that were dying for a chance to get autographs and speak to the two celebrities.

However, things got dicey quick, when the crowd had gotten so big that a fan bumped into Rita, causing her to trip.

Needless to say, Tom had smoke steaming from his ears, as he ran over to help, and put a hand on the guy who made her trip, and yelled:

“This is my wife, back the fuck off!”

He then struck the fear of God into the culprits’ eyes by giving him the stare down, as he stormed to the car.

With that being said, the guy who Tom yelled at, claimed it was somebody else had pushed him into Rita, and it wasn’t intentional. It looks like the dude in blue with the backpack ran into the other guy in the ballcap, who knocked into Rita.

So yeah, all your fault backpack… watch where you’re going.

I guess we can say we saw Tom Hanks in rare form, to say the least.

And in case you forgot, Tom and Rita both made cameo appearances in the phenomenal Yellowstone spinoff, 1883.

And Rita getting trashed with Faith Hill might’ve just been the best scene of the entire show:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock