Bison Accidently Dives Head First Into River At Yellowstone National Park

The cool stuff coming from Yellowstone just doesn’t end.

And in a place just teaming with wildlife, I suppose that’s to be expected… especially when it comes to bison.

Yellowstone holds the largest population of bison that lives on public land. There’s estimated to be roughly 5,000 head in the herd.

Clearly, they seem fairly friendly given the number of videos that pop up with tourists far too close. I mean, we’re talking about people trying to pet an animal that can weigh up to 2,000-pounds.

That’s what makes them cool though, the fact they are so large, yet seem some peaceful.

Make no mistake, it’s still incredibly stupid to get that close… a young woman was just recently killed by one at Yellowstone, who attacked when it felt threatened.

This video comes to us from the Wyoming portion of the park and features some intelligent tourists, at least it seems it in the video. They are watching a couple bison from a very reasonable distance away.

One of them standing on the bank of the river leans in for a little drink and steps the wrong way. Into the drink he goes, a head first dive into the river as the tourists hysterically laugh at the clumsy bison.

That’s not something you see every day.

“During our ‘Rona Roadtrip, a bison was trying to find an easy way to cross the river. It wasn’t so easy. He plopped headfirst into the water, much to its surprise.”

The bison gathers himself up and shakes of the water. He plays it off like nothing happened just as we all do when we accidentally go for a tumble. The best part is the look he gets from his friend of disbelief through it all.

Cool stuff.

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